5 Tips For Career Changers

Are you thinking about getting into a brand new career? Perhaps you’ve run out of patience trying to get a job in the area you were trained for in university. Or, maybe you’ve simply become bored and dissatisfied with a career in which you don’t see a future.  Either way, you’ll find the following tips very helpful in making the transition.

  1. Have a financial cushion, if possible. If you are currently employed, save up to a year’s salary ideally, but no less than the equivalent of six months.
  2. Become a strategic networker. One of the most important clichés in career and business success is ‘your network determines your net worth’.
  3. Become an expert in your new field. ‘Good enough’ is most often not good enough when starting over. You have to be among the best.
  4. Do what you are. If you were a teacher and you’re starting over as a career musician, start practising your music career immediately.
  5.  Persevere through setbacks. No career transition is smooth.

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