5 Times Miss Lou Spoke To The Fighter In Jamaicans

1. When jackass back strong, dem overload him hampa …

Translation: When the donkey’s back is strong, they overload his hamper.

Ever had one of those days when you were sure that everything and everyone had chosen you to pick on? One of those days when you wanted to tell yourself that fate-full Murphy had definitely decided on you as his/her prime candidate? For days like these, Miss Lou reminds us that it’s the strong jackass (not calling you a jackass or anything now) that carries the most load. A weaker person couldn’t manage all the things you are going through. But you can. It may seem like more than you can bear, but you are capable of living through this and moving past it. Trust Miss Lou on that.

2. No care how teacha cross, school boun’ fi gi recess.

Translation: No matter how angry the teacher is, school will definitely give recess.

Remember those school days when teacher was ‘cross’ – angry, miserable and particularly severe on students? Days when the entire class had to walk on tenterhooks so as not to disturb an already disturbed teacher? Remember how endless those days seemed? Life sometimes feels like that – like a series of never-ending encounters with miserable, angry and inexplicably crabby people. And it feels like this goes on forever. Miss Lou says, no matter how arduous and difficult your life seems now, there will come a moment of respite. School will give recess. You will get a break somehow – it’s bound to happen!

3. Lickle bit a ram goat got beard and big bull nuh hab none.

Translation: As small as a ram goat is, he has a beard, and the big bull doesn’t.

Do you feel small and insignificant? Maybe you feel overlooked and your self-esteem has taken a beating. In this scenario, you would be the ram goat – a tiny creature in comparison to, say, a bull. Miss Lou wants you to know that even though you are small in stature, you carry valuable assets that others do not – like the ram goat’s beard. But also remember that this saying could easily be a reminder to not judge by appearances, because even though the bull doesn’t have a majestic beard, it is the larger and more powerful creature. Take heed.

4. Tedeh fi me, tomorrow fi yuh.

Translation: Today for me, tomorrow for you.

This is perhaps one of the most oft-repeated sayings in Jamaica, especially after the speaker has been mistreated by another person. It’s a reminder that time is the great equaliser, and the wrong done to you today can be rectified tomorrow. What doesn’t work in your favour today can work in your favour tomorrow.

5. A no every mango got maggish.

Translation: Not every mango has maggots.

There is good out there, Miss Lou wants you to know – good as good as a beautiful, juicy, worm-free mango. Not all mangoes carry maggots. Likewise, in life, not all situations will stay bad or difficult. Good will come to you. So don’t give up. Keep on going.