5 Things To Do For Mom This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is being celebrated this Sunday, and many people are scouring the stores trying to find the perfect gift for Mom. If giving a gift is just not enough and you would like to do something else, we have some ideas for you:

  1. Picnic in the park. Prepare the dishes at home or purchase some of your mom’s favourite eats, pack a basket, cooler and blanket, then head to the nearest public park or garden for a fun family outing. This idea is great for breakfast or brunch. If you’re doing brunch, you can make it even more ‘fancy’ by bringing along a bottle of wine (alcoholic or sparkling, depending on Mom’s tastes) to toast the woman of the day.
  2. Plan a spa day. There are Mother’s Day specials at just about every spa across the island, so you have a wide selection to choose from. Mom will certainly appreciate the pampering.
  3. Have an adventure. If your mom is up for something more ‘unconventional,’ like swimming with dolphins, paintball wars or a safari, here are some ideas.
  4. Have a movie or play date. You and Mom can pick your favourite movie from the cinema’s lineup to enjoy. If plays are more your speed, check out the offerings at Centrestage, Little Theatre and Little Little Theatre.
  5. Make her dinner. If picnics are not her style, you can make her a fancy dinner at home. Check out this tag for a host of recipes you can try.

If you still need a gift idea, check out our Mother’s Day 2014 gift guide from blogger Monique Kennedy. And for a perfect soundtrack to the day, here’s our special playlist.