Food Month Pot-pourri – 5 Things Not To Do This Restaurant Week


Jamaicans have a saying, ‘Betta belly buss dan good food waste’ – or, in the Queen’s English, it is better to overeat than to waste great food.  If that is the case, Restaurant Week 2014 is the best place to make that ‘belly buss.’ With amazing gourmet dishes from several types of cuisine, Restaurant Week, under the theme ‘ Eat. Drink. Celebrate!’ is one of the ‘must-do’ events of the year.  Starting in just three days, November 14-22, more than 75 of Jam-Down’s best restaurants will offer fantastic  specially selected three-course, fixed price dinner menus and lunch time specials at significantly discounted prices. Visit the Restaurant Week website for full details of each menu.

Whether you’re in Kingston, Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, Restaurant Week will be sure to excite your taste buds, but before you take up your knife and fork, here are five things you should NEVER do at a restaurant.  Take heed and let good manners prevail.

  1. Shout or wave madly across the restaurant for the server

Popular restaurants with tasty food and specially discounted prices can make anyone hungry for more, but a rule of thumb is to never shout across a restaurant for service. Waving wildly for attention is also annoying and distracting. Patiently wait for your server to approach your table or motion discretely that you are in need of an item. The servers are there to help you and will come in time. Shouting only disturbs other diners and makes for an unpleasant dining experience.

  1. Let your children play unattended in the restaurant

Children also enjoy good food, but letting them sit on the table, throw food or run around the restaurant is inconsiderate and irritating. First-time parents may need the time away from home but not watching and correcting your little ones only ruins the experience of gourmet dining and can be hazardous to themselves and other diners. Keep your little ones in check and everyone will be happy.

  1. Steal from the restaurant.

Yes, you paid for the food, but not for the forks, plates and glasses. Compliment them, use them, even Instagram them, but do NOT take them home with you.

  1. Linger for way too long after a meal

When one eats at a good restaurant with good friends, good food and good vibes, one may not be so inclined to leave. Food is meant to be savoured, so no one is asking you to ‘nyam and scram,’ However, lingering 30 minutes to an hour after finishing your meal can create a space issue within the restaurant. Remember, other patrons want to enjoy the same delectable meal you just had; be mindful, pay for your food and take the party elsewhere. Sharing is caring and caring also means knowing when your time is up.

  1. Be late

Jamaicans have a way of being ‘tardy for the party,’ hence the need for reservations. Being fashionably late is a sure way of losing your reservation and creating unneeded conflict, especially if one is dining at a popular restaurant where space is limited. It also inconveniences other diners who have reservations after you. Ensure that you arrive on time so you can eat in style.

Have you committed or witnessed any of these restaurant faux-pas?  Share your experiences with us on Facebook or Twitter.