5 Study Tips To Ace Your Next Test


With the first month of school over, it’s likely that students will need to start preparing for the first tests of the semester/term. This #TipThursday, check out these five tips for diGJamaica’s advice on how to optimize your study time:

1. Play to your strengths– Are you a night owl or an early bird? A visual or audio learner? Do you study well in groups or individually? These are all important questions to ask when creating your study plan. People study best in a diverse array of ways, and it is important to stick to what suits you.

2. Teach someone- Being able to explain a topic clearly to others is a signal that you get it. If there’s a tricky topic you need to understand, try teaching it to a classmate or family member. They’ll likely ask you questions that will help solidify and even deepen your understanding of the concept.

3. Take a break- Attempting to hold concentration for extended periods is certainly not an easy feat. Ensure that you are studying productively by taking periodic breaks to allow time for ideas to settle. Take a walk, have a talk with your parents, and remember that studying need not be a hasty exercise.

4. Simulate test conditions-  Sit at a desk with the permitted tools (calculator, pencils etc.) and complete sample questions/past papers within the allowed time. Try recreating test day by asking someone to invigilate and mark your paper using the answer key. By the time test day rolls around, you’ll be much more comfortable with exam conditions than if you hadn’t done this.

5. Fuel your mind- Don’t study on an empty stomach, as this will almost certainly negatively affect your concentration. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, and make sure you’re drinking enough water for optimal brain function.

On test day, eat a healthy meal, visualize your success, and enter the test with confidence! If you follow these study tips you’ll be well prepared to do your best. Check out these resources for more help with school: