5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Help You Help Jamaica

As the New Year approaches, most people will be making resolutions about the things they want to accomplish and the life goals they want to realise in the coming months. Jamaicans will definitely be joining in the mix. But are there goals that Jamaicans ought to be setting that are unique and specific to their country? We’re not talking about Vision 2030 here. We’re talking about things that each Jamaican can do in this coming year to help move themselves, and their country, forward. We took the liberty of listing 10 easy, simple things we think you can resolve to do in the new year that will also uplift Jamaica.

1. Resolve to be the best you possible.

It doesn’t take a new year for you to do this, but the thrill and excitement of the New Year does help to give many people the motivation they need to push for self-improvement. Resolve to do better in the new year than you did in the last. Forget the mistakes and misses and mess-ups and just set a clear intention to be a better you in every way possible. And keep that intention everyday, as much as you possibly can. And when you forget (which you will), don’t sweat, just go again.

2. Resolve to do right.

We know that life is complicated and not always black and white. There are issues and challenges that affect our judgement, our temperaments, moods and decisions. We’re all human and the truth is, we don’t always do the thing we know we’re supposed to do. The late Maya Angelou advises a simple approach to everyday living: go from one decision to the next with one modus operandi: do what is best and most right in that moment. It’s that simple. For each situation you encounter, ask yourself, ‘what is the best thing to do in this situation?’ Then work up the courage to do that.

3. Resolve to stay informed.

Sound, solid and accurate information is the basis of any good decision. It is also the basis on which any truly effective electorate makes its decision. This year, don’t just get into endless debates with people about the same issues going on in Jamaica … resolve to diG deeper (see what we did there?). Resolve to find out more about the issues affecting your country so that you can have an informed opinion and understand the . Clearly, this is something diGJamaica can help with. That’s our resolution to you.

4. Resolve to speak well of your country and fellow countrymen.

This may sound silly, but it is not. Resolve not to endlessly curse Jamaica this year. Instead of continuously pointing out what is wrong with the country (and we know it has its faults), resolve to look for the positives in your country, and to highlight those. It helps when a country’s own people can take the time to appreciate the blessings within that country. Don’t be a perennial screwface. Train yourself to see the beauty and bigness of this blessed little island, and take the time to be grateful that you are part of it.

5. Resolve to not litter.

It’s such a simple rule that it almost seems ridiculous that we have to be repeating it so often. Littering, whether it be a chewing gum wrapper or an empty juice box, defaces the environment and detracts from the clean, healthy beautiful Jamaica we all want. So don’t do it. Put the wrapper in your bag until you are near a bin, or ask someone to dispose of it for you. But don’t litter: Nuh dutty up Jamaica!