5 Facts: Tourism In Jamaica

Tourism in Jamaica (4)
Profile of Jamaica’s Tourist Industry in 2014. Source: JTB.

World Tourism Day, September 27, was created to talk about the global impact of tourism. Under the theme “1 Billion Tourists, 1 Billion Opportunities”, this day seeks to highlight and encourage tourism as used for the greater good of development. Though a tiny dot in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica certainly commands a sizeable tourism market for itself. In the spirit of the day, let’s take a look at 5 facts about the Jamaican tourism market:

  1. Tourists spent US$2.2 billion in Jamaica in 2014, up 6.4% from the previous year
  2. In that year, Jamaica welcomed 3.5 million visitors. 2.1 million came as long stay visitors, and the additional 1.4 million came via cruise
  3. Most visitors to the island come from the United States, Europe and Canada 
  4. The average stay for foreign visitors was 8.7 days, while it was 16.5 nights for non-resident Jamaicans. 
  5. 35,166 people are directly employed in the accommodations segment of the local tourism industry, with many more indirectly employed through tourism’s supporting industries

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