5 Facts: Jamaica Census


  1. According to this chart – Population Movement Summary, in 1911, the population of Jamaica was 831, 383.  In 2011, it was 2,697,983.
  2. According to this chart – Population By Parish 1960-2011, in 2011, the parish with the smallest population was Hanover with 69,533 people
  3. According to this chart – Population by Parish 1960-2011, from 1960 until now, the only parish with a steady decline in population is Kingston.  All other parishes increased.
  4. According to this chart – Main Sources for Domestic Use, from 2001 to 2011, the proportion of households with piped water moved from 39% to 57%
  5. According to this chart – Population By Religious Affiliation Or Denomination: 2001 – 2011, the majority of respondents reported  “no religion or denomination”

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