43 Jamaican Beaches – Owners, Descriptions, Tips and More

Did you know that NEPA has a beach guide?  Yes, it does.

“In Jamaica, beaches are primarily recognized for the significant role they play in our social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being. They are a national asset providing public recreational spaces for people of all ages. Beaches support the local economy through tourism, fishing, vending and several means of livelihoods that are directly and indirectly linked to their existence. The Jamaica Beach Guide is designed to easily allow Jamaicans and visitors alike to locate public bathing beaches across the island so they are able to access and enjoy the beauty of the Jamaican seascape.” – NEPA (National Environment and Planning Agency) website.

You can find:

  • A list of 43 beaches in Jamaica with images, location, owner, environmental features, accessibility and parking, amenities, things to do and licenses held.  There’s also a map to show where these beaches are located.
  • Information about licenses
  • How to adopt a beach and volunteer for beach clean up
  • Facts about sargassum and sea turtles

The 43 beaches are:

  1. Alligator Pond, Manchester
  2. Annotto Bay Beach, St. Mary
  3. Barrett Hall Beach, St. James
  4. Bluefields Beach Park, Westmoreland
  5. Boston Bay Beach, Portland
  6. Braco Beach, Trelawny
  7. Burwood Beach, Trelawny
  8. Calabash Bay Beach, St. Elizabeth
  9. Copacabana Beach, St. Andrew
  10. Crane Road Beach, St. Elizabeth
  11. Doctors Cave Beach, St. James
  12. Drapers Beach, Portland
  13. Dunn’s River Falls and Park, St. Ann
  14. Flamingo Beach, Trelawny
  15. Fort Charles Beach, St. Elizabeth
  16. Fort Clarence Beach Park, St. Catherine
  17. Great Bay Beach, St. Elizabeth Beach
  18. Half Moon Bay Beach, Trelawny Beach
  19. Hope Bay Beach, Portland Beach
  20. Innis Bay Beach, Portland
  21. Jackson Bay Beach, Clarendon
  22. Jacob Taylor Beach, Trelawny
  23. Long Bay Beach, Portland
  24. Long Bay Beach Park, Westmoreland
  25. Lyssons Beach, Trelawny
  26. Manchioneal Beach, Portland
  27. Marine Terminal Beach St. Catherine
  28. Murdock Beach, St. Mary
  29. Norman Manley Beach Park, Westmoreland
  30. Ocho Rios Bay Beach, St. Ann
  31. Parrottee Beach, St. Elizabeth
  32. Port Morant Beach, St. Thomas
  33. Priory, St. Ann
  34. Puerto Seco, St. Ann
  35. Retreat Beach, St. Thomas
  36. Rio Bueno Beach, Trelawny
  37. Roxborough, St. Ann
  38. Salem Beach, St. Ann
  39. Spring Gardens, Portland
  40. St. Margaret’s Bay Beach, Portland
  41. Tryall Beach, Hanover
  42. Walter Fletcher Beach, St. James
  43. Winnifred Beach, Portland

Here’s a screenshot from the front page:

You can visit the NEPA website to explore the Jamaica Beach Guide