4 Visa Application Tips


No matter the country you plan to visit, applying for a visa can be a tricky undertaking if you are not sufficiently informed. This Tip Thursday, we share four easy ways to help smooth the process.

  1. Get your documents in order. Visa applications generally require a completed application form (paper or online), a valid passport, birth certificate and one or two passport-sized photos. Supporting documentation is often required as well, such as your police record, proof of personal funds and, depending on the purpose of your trip, a letter of invitation from your host – friend, family or business, college acceptance letter or a travel itinerary. 
  2. Get information from trusted sources. We often hear of people who are scammed out of thousands of dollars because they used illegitimate visa consultants to handle their applications. If you are using an immigration advisor, ensure that the he/she is legitimate. See this link for information related to Canada.
  3. Ensure that your application is timely. Barring cases of emergency, don’t apply or schedule your interview appointment too close to your expected date of departure. Some embassies and consulates issue the visa on the day of your appointment, but others require a waiting period anywhere between two days and several weeks.
  4. Don’t be late for your appointment. Embassies and consulates have strict appointment schedules, so it is better to arrive a few minutes early and await your turn. If you are even a minute late, you will not be granted admission and will have wasted your time and money – visa application fees are non-refundable.

Visit diGJamaica’s Get A Visa page for additional information and specific application requirements by country, including procedures for minors, transit visas and emergency situations.