4 Fitness Trends To Get You Moving

Yesterday, we looked at some of the benefits of regular physical activity. Today, as we continue our observance of National Physical Activity Week, we look at four of the hottest trends in fitness today. Have you tried any of these workouts?


download (1)Spinning or indoor cycling is a cardiovascular workout done on specially designed stationary bikes. But you don’t just get on the bike and ride. Classes involve a trained instructor who will take you through different speeds and intensity levels, all set to up-tempo music. One of the hot trends in fitness for a few years now, it is great for those who love group exercise.

Where to find it in Jamaica: Pedal & Wheel Fitness, Core Fitness Studios, Chai Studios, Express Fitness

Boot camps

FFBootcampC20140612Another popular trend is the boot camp, which includes activities that may be similar to military basic training, complete with the no-nonsense intensity of a ‘drill sergeant’ trainer. Activities may include stretching, running, interval training, lifting objects (huge tyres are popular), push-ups, sit-ups, plyometrics, and other intense, explosive routines. This is a great option if you like working out with a group, as you will need your fellow workout buddies to keep you motivated. Boot camps tend to take place outside, so if you love the outdoors, that’s a bonus too.

Where to find it in Jamaica: Fit Farm Fitness Club, RIPT, Spry Training, Express FitnessBodhi

Pole fitness

pole3607 (1)Pole dancing classes focuses on upper-body strength, core strength, flexibility, mind-body awareness, balance, agility, coordination and musicality. It offers women the opportunity to have fun, build confidence and sculpt rock-hard abs, as core strength is required to swinging your entire body around the pole.

Where to find it in Jamaica: Chai Studios


download (2)

Yoga has been trending for decades and shows no signs of falling out of favour with fitness enthusiasts. It offers many benefits, including increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone, all-over fitness, weight loss, de-stressing, and increased awareness.

Where to find it in Jamaica: Bikram Yoga JamaicaJamaica Yoga Association (JAYA)Afya Yoga StudioCore Fitness StudiosChai Studios, Gymkhana