30 Recipes In 30 Days


Hi diGgers!

November is The Gleaner‘s Food Month as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Eat Jamaican Month, so we have decided to get into the thick of things with our 30 Recipes In 30 Days special. Each day will feature a new recipe, from traditional Jamaican meals to contemporary creations utilising local staples, along with sweet treats, drinks and more.


Be sure to check the blog every day and also follow the hashtag #30Recipes30Days on Twitter and Facebook for the recipes. Since it’s Food Month (and many of you already do this on Instagram anyway), we also invite you to share photos of your meals with us using the same hashtag, especially if you have tried a recipe we posted or have gone out to take advantage of Restaurant Week (November 8-16).

We look forward to sharing with and hearing from you!

Bon appétit!