30 Recipes In 30 Days – Barbara Ellington’s Gungo Rice And Peas



Plenty green gungo

1 medium-sized dry coconut

11/2 lbs basmatti rice

About 2 ozs ginger

1 large green scotch bonnet pepper

2 ozs margarine

4 pieces smoked turkey necks

2 healthy roots scallion

1 thick sprig thyme

2 bay leaves

About 2 dozen pimento berries

4-6 cloves garlic

Very little sea salt

Black pepper to taste



1. Wash green gungo and place in a heavy, non-stick pot of cold water with the pimento berries, beat the garlic cloves and wash, peel and beat ginger. Add the turkey necks. Bring to a boil then lower heat and allow a slow boil.

2. I usually have the coconut cut up and ready to be placed in the blender with warm water. After it has been thoroughly blended, I strain into the pot. Let boil until gungo mashes when squeezed between your fingers.

3. Add washed rice, margarine, thyme, bay leaves, salt, scallion, pepper and black pepper, then stir to make sure nothing is sticking to the pot. Taste the liquid to make sure it’s OK. Then, turn flame to low and let steam cook. If you know what you are doing, you won’t need to stir again until cooked; grains of rice will separate easily.