30 Days of Inspiration : Forget the Past

March is celebrated as Spiritual Wellness Month. It is a time to reflect on the values, ethics and morals that add value and give meaning to your life. Here at diGJamaica, we’re going on a quest for 30 days of inspiration: extracting the common principles from different religions and systems of belief that help their followers to find inner peace, purpose and direction. Each day for the month of March, we will be sharing another principle with you. Join us as we embark on this journey to spiritual wellness.

What we’ve covered so far:

Forget the Past

This is a serious point for many persons  who find it difficult to release the past and move on with their lives. They struggle to get beyond the things that happened to them, things they did and said to others, things others did and said to them … so they end up stuck, always looking back, and completely ignoring their present, and their future. Today’s inspiration is simple: forget the past.

  1. Let go of the things and people who hurt you. Release it. It hasn’t been doing you any good to remember and live in a space of toxicity as a result of it. So, as much as you can, everyday, let it go. As often as it comes to your mind, tell yourself that you are not captive to past hurts. Your life is yours to mold as you wish. Choose happiness. Reject hatred and bitterness. Choose to make happy memories now to replace the negative memories of yesterday.
  2. Let go of past failures. Everyone fails at something. This doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human. Celebrate that, get the lessons, and then go again! Nothing beats a failure like a try. Don’t ever give up because you fail at something you really wanted to do. Try again.
  3. Let go of past successes. Sometimes we allow the things we accomplished to fill our heads with pride. Then we get complacent and stop going after new goals and new accomplishments because we keep living on the old ones. Don’t let that happen to you. Forget past successes. Celebrate them, but move on to do more.
  4. Go forward. The future is full of possibilities. Anything – good or bad – can happen. Don’t be afraid. Don’t look back. Greet the future. Plan for it. Work towards a brighter tomorrow, and go forward no matter what!