30 Days of Inspiration : Pray/Meditate

March is celebrated as Spiritual Wellness Month. It is a time to reflect on the values, ethics and morals that add value and give meaning to your life. Here at diGJamaica, we’re going on a quest for 30 days of inspiration: extracting the common principles from different religions and systems of belief that help their followers to find inner peace, purpose and direction. Each day for the month of March, we will be sharing another principle with you. Join us as we embark on this journey to spiritual wellness.

What we’ve covered so far:

  1. Breathe


Soren Kierkegaard says, “Prayer does not change God. It changes him who prays.” For years, all of the world’s major religions have advocated prayer as an important avenue to spiritual well-being, capable of opening the channels of communication between God and man. Whether it be through spoken words or time spent in meditation, communing with a higher being is one way that you can develop your spirit. Additionally, Dr Charles Stanley says that prayer also has these benefits:

  1. “Provides timely direction.
  2. Prevents wrong decisions.
  3. Eliminates worry and anxiety.
  4. Produces peacefulness.
  5. Invites God into our activity.
  6. Produces confidence.
  7. Eliminates fretting.
  8. Sharpens discernment.
  9. Gives us energy.
  10. Prevents distractions.
  11. Reminds us to act now.
  12. Protects us from discouragement.
  13. Opens doors of opportunity.
  14. Helps us discern between busyness and fruitfulness.”*

If prayer sounds like something you would engage, take a minute to whisper a word to the heavens, or the universe, or whomever you worship. Take a minute to think deeply about your life and the path you are on. You may gain insight and revelation from the exercise.

* – Sourced from In Touch’s 14 Benefits of Prayer