2016 Election Votes + Margins: Government Appointees

In this post we take a look at the 2016 general election results for the constituencies of the Members of Parliament who have been appointed as Ministers, Minister of State, Attorney General and Speaker of the House.

The tables show each constituency highlighted in the colour of the party that won it, as well as the names of the winner and unsuccessful candidate in each constituency. Each of the following tables shows one of the following results:

  • Number of votes cast for the JLP candidate
  • Vote margin between number of votes received by the winner and the unsuccessful candidate in each constituency
  • Change in JLP turnout in 2016 as compared to 2011 in each constituency

By Number of Votes

Below is a table showing number of JLP votes cast in each constituency in the 2016 election. It is sorted by number of JLP votes from largest to smallest. The Members of Parliament chosen to serve as Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State, the Attorney General, and the Speaker of the House are highlighted in yellow:

jlp votes 2016

As seen above the constituency with the highest number of the votes for a candidate is St. Mary Western. This seat is held by Robert Montague, now Minister of National Security. The total number of JLP votes in that constituency is 11,624 votes.

By Vote Margin

The next table is ordered from largest to smallest by 2016 vote margin. As in the first table, MPs appointed to the executive government are highlighted in yellow.

jlp executive ordered by 2016 margin

With the third highest vote margin in any constituency, the constituency of Western Kingston has the highest vote margin relative to other constituencies held by the JLP.  That margin is 7,727 votes.  The Member of Parliament is Desmond McKenzie, now Minister of Local Government and Community Development.

By Increase In JLP Turnout 2016 Compared to 2011

Below the final table is ordered from largest to smallest by the increase in number of JLP votes in the 2016 election as compared to the 2011 election. Members of Parliament with executive government positions are highlighted in yellow:

jlp change in turnout 2016

The constituency of St. Catherine South Western has the largest increase in the number of JLP voters relative to number of votes in constituencies held by other members of the executive government.  The Member of Parliament is Clifford Warmington, now Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister.In St. Catherine South Western, 2,246 more voters turned out for the JLP in the 2016 election than in 2011. Note that the St. Catherine South Western vote margin is the second highest of all constituencies, with 11 JLP votes less than West Rural St. Andrew.

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