2015 Crime Stats – January to October Preview

In light of the ongoing dialogue on the murder rate in Parliament (see here and here) and the tragic shooting last night of a UTECH medical student, diGJamaica has obtained crime statistics from January to October 24, 2015. We will have a full, charted discussion as we did in 2012, but for now here are ten key points:

  1. The murder rate has risen by 23% versus last year and now stood at 1,016 murders as at October 24
  2. Murders in Kingston, St. Andrew & St. Catherine were down by 1%, while murders in all other parishes were up a whopping 50%
  3. The top 5 most murderous parishes per 100,000 inhabitants, in order were: Kingston, St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland and Clarendon
  4. The top 3 parishes with the greatest increase in murders in order were: Westmoreland, Hanover and St. Thomas
  5. Only 1 parish noted a decrease in murders versus last year, this was Kingston
  6. The top 5 least murderous parishes per 100,000 inhabitants in order were: Portland, St. Elizabeth, St. Ann, St. Thomas and Manchester
  7. Jamaica’s overall murder rate for the year to October 24, 2015 was 37.7 persons per 100,000 inhabitants
  8. 3.4 persons were murdered a day on average per day up to October 24, 2015, up from 2.8 over the same period last year and 3.3 persons in 2013
  9. Total number of violent crimes was 19 per day in 2015, down from 22 in 2014 and 25 in 2013
  10. For the first time since 2009 (when the year ended with 1,683 murders), there were more reported murders than reports of shootings

Keep safe.

UPDATE: Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams today addressed a meeting of Parliament’s Internal and External Affairs Committee, where he shared some other important facts and statistics. See the Storified tweets from journalist Abka Fitz-Henley and human rights activist Susan Goffe below, or click here.