2013 Crime Stats: Parish by Parish Jan-April

As per a user request, the diGJamaica research team dug up the comparative year over year murder figures for each parish for January through April. The comparison was quite revealing:

1. This is what the chart looked like in 2012 (Total Murders for the period 342) –

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

2. This is what the same chart looks like in 2013 (Total Murders for the period 344) –

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

Note any major differences?

  1. Although there were only 2 more murders for the January to April period in 2013 than in 2012, noticeably fewer murders were committed in the urban areas of Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. James. The actual decrease was 63% in 2013 down from 69% in 2012.
  2. Exactly 7 parishes had increases in murders and 7 parishes had decreases in murders.
  3. The largest numerical increase in murders occurred in Trelawny. The largest numerical decrease in murders occurred in St. Catherine.
  4. The largest percentage increase in murders also occurred in Trelawny, a whopping 1200% increase. The largest percentage decrease occurred in Portland with a decrease of 50%.

The full statistics are shown below:

jamaica_murder_by_parish_january_april_change (2012 revised)
Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force