‘Non-Traditional’ Sports That Have Featured Jamaican Athletes at the Olympics – Part Two

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Jamaica’s Kenneth Edwards against China’s Liu Xiaobo

In part two of our feature on ‘non-traditional’ events Jamaica has competed in at the Olympics, we take a look at 6 more sports:

  1. Taekwondo – Kenneth Edwards was the first Jamaican to compete in this sport, going down 4–6 to China’s Liu Xiaobo in the round of 16 in the Men’s +80Kg event.
  2. Triathlon – Our only participant in this multi-event was Iona Wynter, who competed in the 2000 Sydney Games. She placed 34th.
  3. Sailing – Jamaicans have been sailing at the Olympics since Barton Kirkconnell, Earl Taylor and Steven Henriques manned the Mixed Three Person Keelboat at the 1964 Tokyo Games, finishing 23rd. Kirkconnell and Henriques were back four years later, with Charles Ogilvie for the same event (20th) at the Mexico City Games. William Plant and Michael Anthony Nunes manned the Mixed Two Person Heavyweight Dinghy, finishing 26th. Nunes was joined by his father Michael Keith and John Burrowes in 1972 for the mixed three-person keelboat event, placing 22nd. It would be 20 years before we returned to this event, with Andrew Gooding and Robert Quinton (33rd in the Men’s Two Person Dinghy), Joseph Stockhausen (with Gooding, again 33rd in the Men’s Two Person Dinghy in 1996) and Sean Nunes (with Gooding in the Men’s Double Handed Dinghy (470), where they placed 25th in 2000.)
  4. Shooting – Jamaica has competed in this event twice, or thrice, if you count our countrymen’s participation as part of the West Indies Federation team, called the Antilles, in 1960 (Rome, Italy). Tony Bridge and Keith De Casseres both competed in those Games in the 50m pistol event. Bridge competed in the same event four years later in Tokyo, Japan, finishing in 51st place. Forty years later, Dawn Kobayashi donned the national colours, competing in the Women’s 10m air rifle event. She placed 41st in the qualifying round and did not advance.
  5. Steeplechase – Aisha Praught, who was disqualified in her first ever event for Jamaica at last year’s World Championships in Beijing, will be looking to do better when the 3000m steeplechase kicks off on Saturday, August 13. She is only the third Jamaican to compete in this event. Mardrea Hyman and Korine Hinds did not finish in 2008, and in 2012, Hinds placed 10th in the heats and did not advance.
  6. Weightlifting – Jamaica has participated in this event since 1948, when Simon Williams (featherweight) and George Espeut (lightweight) competed. Cedric Demetris took on the lightweight event in 1968. Calvin Stamp finished 9th in the heavyweight II class in 1984 and 11th in the super heavyweight class four years later.

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Tracey-Ann Wisdom is a freelance writer and editor based in Kingston, Jamaica. You can find her online at www.writtenbytracey.com.