10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hon. Roger Clarke

  1. 1His full name is Roger Harold Clifford Clarke.
  2. He was often called ‘Red Poll Bull‘ because of his size and Uncle Roger.
  3. Roger Clarke was born in the quiet farming community of Glen Islay in Williamsfield, Westmoreland.
  4. He is an alumni of the Manning’s School.
  5. Mr. Clarke had a very successful political career having won eight elections comprising two Local Government and six General Elections.
  6. In September 20, 2003 having lost his bid for re-election as vice-president of the PNP, he cried openly.
  7. He owned a farm that was the largest supplier of sugar cane to Appleton Estate and largest producer of sugar cane in St. Elizabeth.
  8. His wife Sandra Clarke was well involved with the operation of the farm.
  9. He had two children.
  10. Roger Harold Clifford Clarke died at the age of 74.

Roger Clarke, former Member of Parliament for Central Westmoreland, was a name synonymous in Jamaica’s political and social spheres with agriculture. He had a rich upbringing in agriculture and its practices from his younger years to the day he died.

Sources: The Gleaner & The Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries.