10 Summer Camps & Programmes For Kids & Teens – 2016


It’s summer time again and that means weeks upon weeks of free time….for kids and teens. Instead of allowing them to stay inside and watch television all day, why not get them involved in meaningful, educational and fun activities for the summer?

Summer camps and programmes can be a great way for kids and teens to be physically active, gain confidence and resiliency, develop life-long skills including social skills, reconnect with nature and make friends.

We once again went diGging and found some great activities to help you get them out of the house and away from the TV for a few days.

  1. University of Technology, Jamaica & Kimroy Bailey Robotics – Summer Robotics Renewable Energy Camp – July 4- August 15
  2. Chess Academy Summer Extravaganza – Includes swimming, tennis, football and chess – July 4-29
  3. EduTech Gone Rio Summer Camp 2016 – Activities include dance, fencing, badminton, golf, music, visual & performing arts- July 4 – 28
  4. Delicious Occasions Young Chefs – Summer classes for young chefs- June 6- August 19
  5. Grosvenor Galleries Art & Craft Summer Workshop– Activities include working with various art mediums and materials- July 4- August 19
  6. Swimaz Aquatic– Summer Swim Programme – July 4 – August 25 
  7. Moorlands Summer CampsJuly 2 – August 20
  8. CSI JAMAICA Science Summer Camp
  9. Media Technology Just for Teens Summer Workshop– Activities include Voice & TV Production – July 4 – 28
  10. Harmony ‘The Musical Summer School Production’July 4 – 29

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