10 Popular Pages On diGJamaica.com


diGJamaica.com was launched in August 2012 – right around the time of Jamaica’s Golden Jubilee and London 2012.  Of course, as a site with all the ‘need-to-know’ information about Jamaica, you wouldn’t be surprised that popular pages include National Heroes, National Symbols and our sprint sensation, Usain Bolt.

But would you have guessed that these are also 10 very popular pages on our website?:

  1. 64 Easy, Delicious Jamaican Christmas Recipes:  This blog post has links to each individual recipe in the 2012 Gleaner Christmas Recipe Book
  2. How to Apply for a US Visa: When and where to apply, process, emergency appointments, fees, documents and more
  3. Rastafarianism: History, Leaders, The Royal Visit, Belief System, Symbols, Rastafarian Orders, Rastafarian Influence on the World
  4. Parish Profiles: Interesting facts and figures – with slideshows of images – from all parishes in Jamaica
  5. School Terms: Dates for the academic school terms for 2012/13 including scheduled exam dates
  6. How to Obtain a Divorce in Jamaica: Who is Eligible, Grounds, The Process, Contesting a Divorce, Possible Delays, Additional Resources
  7. Famous Jamaicans: Interesting accounts of a few Jamaicans from our past
  8. Salaries:  Prime Minister’s Salaries and Benefits, Judges and Magistrates Salaries and Benefits, Civil Servant Salaries and Pay Scales
  9. Returning Resident’s Guide: FAQ, Eligibility, Procedures for the Clearance of Unaccompanied Luggage, penalties, documents and more
  10. Code Of Conduct For Police-Citizen Relations in Jamaica:  What to do in various circumstances:  Initiating Contact, Searching Premises, In Trouble with the Law, The Use of Force, Road Rules and more

We are delighted that our readers are discovering that we have relevant useful information for every day living, in addition to historical reference information.  Other very popular links are our sections:

What’s your favourite page  on diGJamaica.com?  What would you like us to add?  Comment below and let us know!