10 MORE Jamaican Proverbs To Make You LOL

Jamaican proverbs echo the voices of our ancestors. We hear, through these sayings, their admonition, warning and instruction. The first list of proverbs we did was such a hit, readers asked us to do another! If you haven’t, you need to see our original 10 Jamaican Proverbs to Make You Laugh Out Loud post. … And, to add to the merriment, here’s another 10 proverbs, jampacked with the humour, wit and wisdom of our sages!

1. Cratch an’ rub cyaan cure Cocobeh.

Translated: Scratching and rubbing cannot cure cocobeh (cocobeh being a kind of leprosy).
Meaning: Sometimes it takes extraordinary measures to fix a situation. (In this case, cocobeh requires specific medication, not just scratching and rubbing to relieve the itch).

2. Wen goat laugh, everybody fine out seh him nuh got no teet.

Translated: When the goat laughs, everyone discovers that he has no teeth.
Meaning: Sometimes it is best to keep quiet so that your flaws or faults are not discovered.

3. Lickle bit a brains can gi big mout trouble.

Translated: A small amount of ‘brains’ can give a big mouth plenty of trouble.
Meaning: If you are not very smart, or do not have a lot of common sense and love to talk, you are sure to get into trouble. OR Think more, speak less.

4. When head part stunted, kibba mout.

Translated: When the head (part) is not fully developed, remain quiet.
Meaning: If you are not very smart, or don’t know what you are talking about (and don’t want everyone to see how ignorant you are), be quiet.

5. Too much callaloo mek pepper pot soup taste bitter.

Translated: Too much callaloo gives the pepper pot soup a bitter taste.
Meaning: Do all things in moderation.