10 Jamaican Proverbs To Make You Laugh Out Loud


6. “When rat like fi romp roun’ puss jaw, one day ‘im gwine en’ up inna puss craw.”
Translated: When a rat loves to play around a cat’s mouth, one day he will end up in the cat’s claw.
Meaning: When one flirts too much with danger, soon he/she will get hurt.

7.  “If cow did know how him throat hole tan or how him batty part, him wouldn’t chance pear seed.”
Translated: If the cow knew the size of his throat or butt, he wouldn’t take a chance eating a pear seed.
Meaning: We do not always realise our limitations.

8.  “Alligator lay egg but him a nuh fowl.”
Translated: The alligator lays an egg, but he is not a hen.
Meaning: Even though people or situations may seem similar on the surface, they might not be so in reality.

9.  “If fish deh a river bottom an’ tell yu seh alligator have gum boil, believe him.”
Translated: If the fish at the bottom of the river tells you that alligator has a gum boil, believe him.
Meaning: Listen to the voice of experience.

10.  “Man nuh dun cross rivah nuffi cuss alligator say him mouth long.”
Translated: If a man is not finished crossing the river, he shouldn’t curse the alligator about his long mouth.
Meaning: Don’t curse those who have the power to hurt you or hinder your progress.

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