10 Jamaican Proverbs To Make You Laugh Out Loud

1. “Monkey mus know weh him gwine put him tail, before him order trousiz.”
Translated: The monkey must know where he is going to put his tail before he orders the trousers.
Meaning: Be clear of how you are going to carry a thing through before you initiate the process.
AND One must know one’s self before doing what others are doing.

2.  “Rat belly full, potato have skin.” OR  “When puss belly full im seh rat batty bitter.”
Translated: When the rat’s tummy is full, he complains that the potato has a skin OR When the cat’s tummy is full, he complains that the rat’s butt is bitter.
Meaning: When your are not in need, you pick and choose.

3.  “Rockstone a riva bottom nuh know sun hat.”
Translated: The rocks at the bottom of the river do not know that the sun is hot.
Meaning: If you are in a sheltered situation, you don’t know what hardship is.

4. “What dawg see him bark all night, ramgoat see it too but it nuh trouble him.”
Translated: What the dog sees that malkes him bark all night is also seen by the ramgoat, but it doesn’t trouble him.
Meaning: Things affect people differently.

5. “When yuh go a jackass yard, yuh nuh fi chat bout big ears.”
Translated: When you go to the jackass’ yard, you must not talk about big ears.
Meaning: Don’t criticize others in their presence.