April 10: “Crusade Against Unlicensed Dogs Roaming”

1889: The Commissioner of Health J.W. Pethard publishes the following city regulation: The city will collect household refuse, (which must be placed in boxes or some other suitable receptacle) on Tuesdays and Fridays, from all houses situated with the following boundary line in the No 3 and No 4 districts. The commissioner wishes it to be strictly understood that all refuse in the districts must be put out by 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. The nuisance inspectors have strict orders to summon any person putting rubbish on the streets after that hour.

1907: The members of the committee of the St George’s Church have agreed the site of the present edifice should be changed and the new church erected on the grounds of the rectory, 82 Duke Street. The decision has been arrived at in the view of the fact that the noise of the cars on East Street is a disturbing element to worshippers on Sundays.

1911: Announcement is made that from the May 1 the crusade against unlicensed dogs roaming at large in the streets will commence. The kennel has been built near the Water Police Station and there the curs, if not claimed, will be poisoned.

1959: Government will use no windows imported to the island in the construction of its various building. The Ministry of Communications and Works issues a directive to this effect to the Public Works Department. The directive is the consequence of a decision reached by the Council of Ministers on representations of the minister of trade and industry.

1972: Sections of the Corporate Area are subjected to a one-hour power cut. It resulted from a fault in the number-one generating unit at the Old Habour Station, also the number-three generating unit was out because of pre-commissioning and adjustments.

1972: A proposal by a special committee of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation for the preparation of the architectural plans for municipal housing schemes in three sections of the Corporate Area. The areas earmarked is the site of the Eventide home on Slipe Road, the Maxfield Parkland and the Port Royal grassland.

1982: Dr Karl Carstens, president of the Federal Republic of Germany, and his wife, arrives at the Norman Manley international Airport on a Luftwaffe aircraft at the start of a four-day state visit.