The College of Agriculture, Science and Education

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    CASE is classified by the Ministry of Education as a Grade A, Multidisciplinary College offering a wide range of academic programmes through its three (3) Faculties and the Division of Community College and Continuing Education Programmes.
    In order to fulfill its mission, the College has developed specialized programmes and delivery modes to facilitate access by all Jamaicans.  This is manifested in three (3) offsite campuses strategically sited in North Central Jamaica (Brown’s Town), Western Jamaica (Montego Bay) and South Central Jamaica (Old Harbour and Ebony Park).  Students in these regions have direct access to CASE’s Bachelor degree programmes and Teacher Training programmes by Advanced Placement.
    The College is geared towards the development of efficient, skilled and highly competent graduates whose creative, entrepreneurial potential and desire to respond to the challenges of nation building, have been developed.  The College is committed to the task of producing graduates who are ready to assume leadership roles in Agriculture, Science, Education and allied disciplines in Jamaica and globally.