Statistical Institute Of Jamaica (STATIN)

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    The Statistical Institute of Jamaica was established under the Statistics (Amendment) Act 1984 on April 9, 1984. The Institute has been invested with all the powers formerly vested in the Department of Statistics and previously the Bureau of Statistics (which came into existence in 1946) along with other powers.

    The main functions of the Institute are:

    1. To collect, compile, analyze, abstract and publish statistical information in relation to commercial, industrial, social, economic and general activities and condition of the people;

    2. To collaborate with public agencies in the collection, compilation and publication of statistical information including information derived from the activities of such agencies;

    3. To take any census in Jamaica; and

    4. To promote and develop integrated social and economic statistics pertaining to Jamaica; and 

    5. To co-ordinate programmes for the integration of such statistics.