Port Security Corps

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    The focus of the Ports Security Corps Limited (PSC) at the time of its establishment and deployment was primarily the security of the ports of entry in order to prevent the trafficking of illicit drugs and other contrabands and to restrict the passage of unauthorized persons to port areas.

     The PSC is also required to meet the regulatory requirements of the USA's Federal Aviation Authority as related to airport security and safety affecting the aviation industry of the United States of America .

    Our main objectives are to:

    1. To prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas of air, seaports and all other locations;

    2. To prevent the entry and exit of contraband in and out of the island;

    3. To create an atmosphere conducive to the safety of workers, passenger vessels, aircrafts and all legitimate port users, AND

    4. To develop an early warning system based on a structured approach to gathering, storing and retrieval and analysis of intelligence.