NCB (National Commercial Bank of Jamaica Ltd.)

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    The National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd. (NCB) had its genesis over 175 years when in 1837 the Colonial Bank of London, England, opened its doors on Harbour Street in Kingston. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the Bank eventually became known, in 1977, as National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited.


    Trading on both the Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange, NCB has grown to become Jamaica’s largest financial services provider with 40.0% market share by assets of the commercial banking sector (as at September 2011).  NCB provides a wealth of financial services through its network of 42 locations and over 170 ABMs islandwide.


    With an asset base of $225B as at March 2010, NCB is a leading Jamaican conglomerate committed to creating financial prosperity, while instilling social consciousness through its nation building activities. Through relationships with our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, regulators and the wider public, we are focused on sustaining our strength and helping to build a better Jamaica.


    As members of the NCB Group of Companies, our subsidiaries – NCB Capital Markets Ltd., NCB Insurance Company Limited, NCB (Cayman) Limited, NCB Remittance Services (Cayman) Limited, NCB Capital Markets (Cayman) Limited, NCB Remittance Services (Jamaica) Limited, NCB Remittance Services, (UK) Limited, N.C.B. Jamaica (Nominees) Limited, Mutual Security Insurance Brokers Limited, West Indies Trust Company Limited, Data-Cap Processing Limited, N.C.B. (Investments) Limited are entities that expand the organization’s services through their unique financial offerings