Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC)

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    The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation is an amalgamation of the two Parishes: Kingston and St. Andrew. Kingston was established in 1692 after the destruction of Port Royal. The Parish of Kingston is entirely urban, while ST. Andrew consists of urban and rural settlements.

    The two Parishes were amalgamated in 1923 for the purpose of Civic Administration.

    For the purpose of Political and Civic Administration, the parish is divided into fifteen (15) Political Constituencies, which are further subdivided into Forty (40) Electoral Divisions. The affairs of the parish are managed by a full time administrative staff responsible for policy implementation and a political responsible for policy formulation.
    The KSAC Act, and various Laws and Regulations define the duties and powers of the KSAC. The ‘Act’, ‘Laws’ and ‘Regulations’ have been revised from time to time. Special laws define some of the major responsibilities of the KSAC, such as Poor Relief Services and Public Health.
    Laws Affecting the Operations of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation:
    The Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation Act
    The Kingston & St. Andrew (Abandoned Cemeteries) Act
    The Kingston & St. Andrew Building Act
    The Kingston & St. Andrew Fire Brigade Act
    The Kingston & St. Andrew Water Supply Act
    The Kingston Cemetery Act
    The Kingston Improvements Act
    The Kingston Public Gardens Act
    The Kingston Local Improvements Act
    The Land Clauses Act
    The Local Improvements Act
    The Local Improvements (Community Amenities)Act, 1977
    The Burial Within Town’s Limit Act
    The Cremation Act
    The Juveniles Act
    The Parishes Water Supply Act
    The Parochial Roads Act
    The Pensions (Parochial Officers) Act
    The Poor Relief Act
    The Port Royal Brotherhood Act
    The Keeping of Animals Act 1979
    The Pound Act
    The Provident Fund Act
    The Public Gardens Regulation Act
    The Public Health Act
    The Registration (Strata Titles) Act
    The Registration of Titles Act
    The Restrictive Covenants (Discharge & Modification) Act
    The Road Traffic Act
    The Towns and Communities Act
    The Town Nuisances Prevention Act
    The Jamaica Library Service Act
    The Municipal Service Commission Act
    The King George VI Memorial Park Act
    The Town & Country Planning Act
    The Urban Development Act
    The Housing Act
    The Loans ( Local Authorities) Act
    The Quarries Act
    The Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act
    The Holiday With Pay Act