e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited

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    The main goals of the e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited are to:

    • improve the quality of education,
    • enhance the learning experience and
    • ensure high levels of passes in the CXC Exams
    Students in Jamaica’s High Schools will benefit from a mix of formal methods with informal entertaining approaches to learning to stimulate the teaching/learning process and excite young minds to embark on a quest for knowledge. As the youths of Jamaica are already immersed in technology, the use of modern methodologies in the classroom is a natural move towards enhancing the learning process.
    The Pilot is being implemented in grades 10 and 11 of 28 schools and 3 teachers colleges, and will not only see the introduction to the classroom equipment, but also desktops, printers, and the installation of a school network which will connect the computer laboratories, libraries, staff rooms, A/V centres, resource rooms and administrative blocks to broad band access to the internet.
    The project will acquire, customize and develop teaching materials on various media, will provide exciting texts, CD’s and videotaped lectures on DVD’s to students and will provide links to relevant and appropriate resources on the Internet to assist students in mastering various topics and concepts. All 11,000 teachers in the high schools will be trained in basic ICT skills and in the use of the materials and equipment in instructional delivery