Administrator-General’s Department

    The Administrator-General will intervene where one or more of the following circumstances exist:

    • Where a person dies without leaving a Will and a minor is entitled to a share of the estate of the deceased;
    • Where the Administrator-General is appointed the Executor under a valid Will;
    • Where a person dies without leaving a Will and his/her estate consists solely of personalty valued less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00);
    • Where the deceased person is not survived by any eligible relatives and the residue of the estate will fall to the Crown as Bona Vacantia;
    • Where the whereabouts of beneficiaries are unknown;
    • Where a Court order has been issued for the intervention of the Administrator-General;

    With the passage of the Civil Procedure Rules 2002, the Administrator-General is required to prepare a Certificate consenting to the application for the appointment of a personal representative other than herself in intestate matters.



    *Source: Administrator-General's website