Total Domestic Cargo Handled at the Port of Kingston

    *Information gathered from the Port Authority of Jamaica website

    The Port of Kingston is the hub for most imports into the island, especially agricultural and vehicular imports. The Port of Kingston is actually comprised of three ports: Kingston Container Terminal, Kingston Wharves and Kingston Sufferance Wharves. 

    The Image shows the cargo handled at each individual terminal over the period January 2011 to December 2012.  Click on the Image to zoom. 

    The Motion Chart shows the total cargo handled for the Port of Kingston over the same period. Click on the circle that you would like to track on the motion chart before pressing play to begin the animation. This will allow you to track the change in cargo handled over time.

    From the Port Authority of Jamaica:

    "Sufferance Wharf – A privately owned facility which handles a limited range of cargo usually only for specific usage by owner"

    "Public Whart – A wharf facility which receives, stores and delivers cargo of varying types and usage on behalf of any importer/exporter"