Caribbean Sports with European Heritage

From the ‘point of contact’ in 1492, European cultural institutions have impacted Caribbean society and culture. The remains of colonization by major powers like the...

Video – Places to Go in St. Elizabeth

Done by: Danielle Mullings

Opportunities for Youth in Jamaica

Written by: Danielle Mullings As the years go by volunteerism, summer camps and internship experiences become increasingly important for Jamaican youth. Here are some programs that...



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Why Is It So HOT?!

It's the summer season, so of course we expect the temperature to be a little higher than usual. But it seems...

5 Facts – Droughts In Jamaica

Jamaica is no stranger to droughts, which seem to affect the country in varying degrees every year. In light of our...

What is PM2.5? Will it affect me?

What is PM2.5? PM is an abbreviation for Particulate Matter. Basically, Particulate Matter or PM is a mix of all the solid...

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