Address: 6 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone: 1-888-225-5577
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For over 85 years, the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) has worked steadfastly to satisfy Jamaica's energy needs. Growing from a modest network serving fewer than 4,000 customers in the early years, we have expanded our generation, transmission, and distribution capabilities significantly.
Today, with a customer-base of nearly 600,000, we are the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica; with generation capacity that exceeds 620 Megawatts, utilizing steam (oil-fired), gas turbines, combined cycle, diesel, and hydroelectric technologies. We operate 27 generating units including eight (8) hydros and one (1) windfarm, 54 substations, and own approximately 14,000 kilometres of distribution and transmission lines. We also purchase additional electricity from 4 Independent Power Producers IPPs).
Our ownership structure is four tiered. Marubeni Caribbean Power Holdings Inc. and Korea-East West power each holds 40 percent ownership, the Government of Jamaica owns most of the remaining shares, and a small group of minority shareholders maintains a less than 1 percent stake.
As a responsible corporate citizen, we have a vested interest in national development, and invest substantially in the areas of education, health care and sports. Additionally, we operate in an environmentally conscious manner, and abide by strict codes of transparency and accountability.
A cadre of approximately 1,700 workers comprised of highly skilled engineers, technicians and service professionals, work to deliver service to our customer.

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Dan Theoc - Chief Financial Officer

Valentine Fagan - Vice President, New Generation

Sangeet Dutta - Vice President, Loss Control

Ricardo Rennalls - Vice President, Customer Operations

Katherine Francis - General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Leisa Batiste-Whyte - Head, Internal Audit

The following information was gathered from the company's 2010 Annual Report and the company's website on March 7, 2012:

Hisatsugu Hirai - Chairman

Charles Johnston, CD

Seiji Kawamura

Sang Kie Cho

Yung Joon Pyo

Cathrine Kennedy

Professor Evan Duggan

Professor Gordon Shirley

Fitzroy Vidal

The following information was gathered from the company's website on March 7, 2012:
1892: Electricity first came to Jamaica in late 1892, with the establishment of the Jamaica Electric Light Company.
1897: Jamaica Electric Light Company’s holdings were acquired by the Jamaica Electric Light and Power Company in 1897.
1897: Another electric utility emerged, under the name West India Electric Company.
1907: The Jamaica Electric Light and Power Company sustained extensive damage during an earthquake, and due to financial problems, a new company was formed, under the name Jamaica Light and Power Company Ltd. (Canada).
1907: The Jamaica Light & Power Company Ltd. (Canada) leased its licences and property to the West India Electric Company.
1923: On May 25 the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. (JPS) was registered, and subsequently acquired the assets of West India Electric Company.
1945: County Electric Lighting Company, Northern Electric Lighting Company, and St James Utility sold to JPS.
1966: All-Island 25-year Electricity License issued.
1978: JPS began operating under an exclusive 39-year All-Island Electricity License.
1996: Government halted proceedings to sell JPS, after receiving bids from three overseas utility companies.
1997: JPS entered into a Performance Agreement with the Government of Jamaica.
2001: On March 30, 80 percent of the operating shares in JPS was transferred to Mirant.
2007: On August 9, Marubeni Caribbean Power Holdings, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation of Japan, purchased Mirant’s majority shares in JPS.
2009: Marubeni transferred 50 percent of its shares in Marubeni Caribbean Power Holdings to Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) of the United Arab Emirates.
2011: Abu Dhabi National Energy Company withdrew from the Marunbeni partnership. Marubeni Caribbean are therefore majority shareholders of JPS.
2011: Korea East West Power (EWP) entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Marubeni Corporation for joint ownership of majority shares (80%) in Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd.
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