Address: 7 Norman Road LOJ Industrial Complex, Block A2 Kingston CSO Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone: (876) 759-5298 / 9035 / (727) 214-2056
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Jamaican Teas Limited (formerly Tetley Tea Co. (Ja) Ltd) was founded in Jamaica in 1967. It initially produced only black tea under the Tetley brand as well as providing contract manufacturing arrangements.
The company was acquired by the current father and son team of Adeeb and John Mahfood in 1995. Since then, the Tetley product range has been considerably expanded and the Caribbean Dreams brand was launched offering consumers unique herbal combinations and infusions.
 Jamaican Teas Limited (JTL) became a public company in 2010, and is now listed on the Jamaica Junior Stock Exchange The Company continues to diversify its product offerings and is undergoing considerable expansion.
Oliver Goldsmith - Chief Accountant
Norman Russell - Factory Manager
Charles Barrett - Marketing & Sales Manager
Tanisha Samuels- Administrative Manager
Adeeb Mahfood - Chairman
John Mahfood - Chief Executive Officer
Nancy Milne - Non-executive Director
Violet Mahfood - Non-executive Director
Marcos Dabdoub - Non-Executive Director
Duncan Davidson - Non-Executive Director
John Jackson - Non-Executive Director and mentor to the Board
Jamaican Teas Limited
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