Address: Content, McCook's Pen, St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone: 876-943-4370
Fax: 876-943-4322
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The following information was gathered from the company's website on March 7, 2012:

The Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies is one of the most advanced and diversified agricultural producers in any developing nation today.  The company owes its success to a dependency on God's guidance with effective management, an attitude of service, and a firm commitment to goodwill of all our stakeholders.  Using state-of-the-art technologies throughout the production and processes, each of our Group’s divisions constantly strives to achieve – and surpass – international standards of efficiency and quality.
The company started in 1958 as Jamaica’s pioneer producer of broiler meat on a commercial basis.  Today, it has a fully integrated poultry operation and has diversified into feed milling, cattle rearing, beef production and fish farming, along with the development and marketing of other value-added products for both local consumption and export.
The Jamaica Broilers Group has also devoted significant resources to developing affiliated services that support our varied agricultural operations.  These include veterinary and nutritional services, the wholesale and retail of a full range of farm products and the premixing of feed ingredients and concentrate.
In fact, the Group now exemplifies sophisticated vertical integration in livestock production and processing.The end result: Quality products, home grown to international standards.
Operating Divisions and Subsidiaries of Jamaica Broilers Group Limited :
Best Dressed Chicken
Best Dressed Feed Mill
Best Dressed Foods
Content Agricultural Products
Hi-Pro/Ace Farm & Garden Supercentre
Jamaica Egg Services
Aquaculture Jamaica Limited
EAL/ERI Co-Generation Partners, LP
Jamaica Poultry Breeders Limited
JB Ethanol Limited
Atlantic United Insurance Co. Ltd.
ERI Services (St. Lucia) Limited
Wincorp International Inc.
International Poultry Breeders, L.L.C.
Jamaica Broilers Group has been a publicly-listed entity since 1992 and is one of the first companies in the world to offer an Employee Share Ownership plan.  The company presently has a workforce of over 1,500 workers and operates from seven locations islandwide, with two divisions located in the U.S.A.

The following information was gathered from the company's website on March 7, 2012:

Christopher Levy - President & Chief Executive Officer

Ian Parsard - Vice President, Finance & Energy

Claudette Cooke - Vice President, Human Resource Development & Public Relations

Leon Headley - Vice President, Procurement & Training

Conley Salmon - Vice President, Marketing - Feed & Agricultural Supplies

David Mair - Vice President, Best Dressed Chicken Operations

Donald Patterson - Vice President, Accounting & Information Systems

Stephen Levy - Assistant Vice President, Energy Operations

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Hon. Robert Levy, CD - Chairman

Christopher Levy

Hon. Raby Danvers Williams, OJ, CD, JP

Barrington Pryce

Gregory Shirley

Aubyn Hill

Malcolm McDonald

Dr. Trevor Dewdney

Andrew Mahfood

Claudette Cooke

Peter Depass

Ian Parsard

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Jamaica Broilers Group Foundation
The Jamaica Broilers Group Foundation finds it a God given privilege to be able to give assistance to organizations in Jamaica and overseas who have a desire to enhance the lives of others, spiritually and materially.
The Foundation’s grants can be categorized in the following manner:
60% to programmes in communities where Jamaica Broilers Group facilities are located;
30% to programmes with national impact;
10% to international programmes/projects.
The targets of such grants include ministries working with:
Children and Youth
Disadvantaged/At Risk
General Evangelism
Education and Health
Community Programs in which our staff is involved.
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