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UNESCO seeks to promote world peace; harmony and understanding among nations by helping Member States find answers to the key problems that beset their societies. UNESCO also seeks to advise and assist Member States in the development of their communication infrastructures in line with the basic tenets of Free Flow of Information. UNESCO's communication and information programme in the Caribbean strives to foster equitable access to information and knowledge for development and to promote freedom of expression and development of communication. Its emphasis is to encourage the free flow of ideas, in furtherance of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, of which press freedoms are an integral part.

Another of UNESCO’s programme is geared toward placing Culture at the centre of development. The development of cultural industries plays a major role in our overall commitment to poverty alleviation.


  1. Agencies

  2. Institutions

  3. NGOs - all in member states

  4. National and Regional, Public and Private Agencies

  5. Universities and Institutions

  6. NGOs - not required to be registered but must have some proof of sustainability


  1. Projects should focus on culture and development

  2. Projects should show potential for growth and wide circulation

  3. Support for projects of research and publication with aim of wide circulation

  4. Projects should focus on culture and communication development

  5. Must have a direct media-development focus


UNESCO is not a funding agency, but a knowledge and expertise sharing organization that brings an added value to the areas designed by its mandate and the National Commission. Acceptance by the national Commission Regular Programme. Acceptance by the Field Office (much smaller grants)


  1. Promoting Freedom of expression and media pluralism

  2. Developing community media

  3. Developing Human Resources

  4. Information for all Program (IFAP)

  5. Information literacy

  6. Ethical, legal and social implication of ICTS

  7. Preservation of literacy

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