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The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) aims to tackle global poverty, promote good governance and make the world safer for poor people.  DFID’s programmes focus on addressing the interests of the poor and to helping governments to improve their ability to deliver decent public services. 

The UK’s new development strategy for the Caribbean (2008-2013) focuses on catalyzing higher growth, and tackling the risks to growth.  Work on catalysing growth will include:

  1. Supporting CARICOM/CARIFORUM to mobilise aid for trade resources, supporting EPA implementation, regional integration and strengthening regional trade negotiation capacity. 

  2. Strengthening and supporting the Caribbean Development Bank.

  3. Targeting support to private sector, governments and other players to promote strategies for regional growth and competitiveness.

While DFID sees the huge potential for development in the Caribbean, we also recognise that there are key risks to growth. Over the next few years, DFID will focus on:

  1. Addressing crime: supporting more effective law enforcement systems, efforts to reduce urban violence and more effective regional security measures.

  2. Supporting improvements in regional capacity to tackle disaster management and climate change through technical assistance and funding for regional bodies.

  3. Helping regional bodies (including the private sector) to reduce Caribbean HIV prevalence rates, address HIV and AIDS, stigma and exclusion.

In Jamaica,we will continue to work with other UK government departments and international partners to build effectiveness and accountability in the security and justice sectors. This includes supporting comprehensive police reform, helping to transform violent-prone inner-city communities, and financing initiatives to rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders.  We are also providing technical assistance to support efforts to improve debt management and public financial management.

Our bilateral programming in the Caribbean is approximately £11 million annually, but given that we manage a regional programme, the amount spent in Jamaica will vary from year to year. We will offer an extra £10 million contribution to the Caribbean Development Fund between 2009 and 2011 to assist with trade adjustments. We will also seek to leverage the additional UK development assistance that comes to the region through global funds, assistance to NGOs and support to multilaterals such as the World Bank and European Commission.

For further information on DFID, please visit

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