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The British High Commission represents the British Government in its relations with the Government of Jamaica and promotes British interests in Jamaica, working to the British Government's international priorities.

Our mission statement is to advance UK interests by working, through a joined-up approach, to encourage and support Jamaica’s vision of a sustainable, secure, just and equitable society. The High Commission in Kingston is one of the largest British Diplomatic missions in the Americas.

  1. Political and Media- The political section of the High Commission supports Jamaica’s efforts to establish and sustain the rule of law and an effective judicial system within a human rights framework, in order to reduce the negative impact of drugs and international crime on the UK and to help promote Jamaican development. It also manages several bilateral programme budgets and has overall responsibility for the Chevening Scholarship programme in Jamaica.

  2. The Department for International Development (DFID)- Is responsible for implementing the UK's development assistance programme. Its priority is to work with the Government of Jamaica towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

  3. UK Visas- Visa section is responsible for providing visa and entry clearance services for those wanting to travel to the UK.

  4. UK Pensions- The pensions section provides a service to those entitled to British state pensions now living in Jamaica.

  5. Trade and Investment- UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) is the UK Government's trade and investment promotion vehicle. UKTI works proactively to facilitate UK exports through the provision of support services to UK companies interested in exporting goods and services to Jamaica.

  6. British Council- Works to assist with the education reform agenda and to foster closer links between British and Jamaican educational establishments. The Council is also responsible for managing the Chevening Scholarship scheme in Jamaica on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Funds available from the British High Commission. Several UK Government Departments provide funds for use in Jamaica: Department for International Development (DfID), Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Ministry of Defense (MOD) and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) and Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) also offer operational support. These funds are targeted at two overarching objectives:

  1. To support Jamaica’s efforts to establish and sustain the rule of law and an effective judicial system within a human rights framework, in order to reduce the negative impact of drugs and international crime on the UK and help promote Jamaican development.

  2. To help Jamaica reduce poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals by working with the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) and international development partners to support the development, implementation and monitoring of the GOJ’s Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework (MTSEPF)

Funds are offered in different forms:

  1. Regional support to the Caribbean (e.g. FCO and MPS support to help define the security needs of the nine host countries of the Cricket World Cup);

  2. Regional and national programmes run from London using a pooled DfID-MOD-FCO fund that promotes conflict prevention globally (e.g. a training programme for JCF firearms trainers);

  3. Direct budget support to the GOJ for specific programmes (e.g. DFID’s public sector reform programme);

  4. Technical support to the Jamaica Constabulary Force and Jamaica Defense Force (e.g. HMRC support to the JCF narcotics division to increase drug detection capacity in Jamaican airports); support for JCF employment of international police officers; support and advice for "Operation Kingfish";

  5. Direct support for a specific project run by a non-governmental organization (e.g. FCO support for provision of legal assistance by a prominent NGO to those who would otherwise not be able to afford representation);

  6. Chevening Scholarship offered for study in the UK to potential leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers.

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