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Wigton Wind Farm Limited (WWF) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) and was incorporated on April 12, 2000 with objectives to own, develop, construct and operate wind farms and similar renewable energy systems to harness energy for commercial production and to generate electricity for sale to customers.

The Wigton wind Farm has been constructed with wind turbines supplied by NEG Micon a Danish /Dutch wind turbine manufacture now merged with Vestas Wind Systems A/S.
The estimated capacity output from the wind farm is 20.7 MW, however Wigton Wind Farm Limited expects to supply the Jamaica Public service company (JPSCo) 7MW on average.
The wind farm consists of twenty –three (23) 900kW wind turbines of the type NEG-Micon 900/52.
Objectives of the Wigton Wind Farm
Primary Objectives
· Implementation of provisions of the Jamaica Energy Sector Policy regarding renewable energy resources.
· Diversification of Jamaica’s energy mix.
· Utilization of indigenous (sustainable) energy resources, especially the abundant supply of wind on the island.
Secondary Objectives
· Technology transfer to Jamaica resulting in eventual local expertise and experience with a large-scale wind energy project.
· Emissions reduction
Tertiary Objectives
· Environmentally friendly use of mined land.
· Tangible and affirmative action from Jamaica as a signatory of the united Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), regarding the reduction of greenhouse gasses.
· Educational and research spin-off for the University of the West Indies (UWI), University of Technology (UTECH) and the Scientific Research Council (SRC).


Mr. Duane Smith


Mr. Timothy Scarlett

Mr. Daryl Baugh

Mr. Oneil Brown

Mr. Richard Bowes

Mr. Trevor Webb

Mrs. Yvonne Barrett-Edwards

*board appointed for two (2) years effective April 18, 2016*

The following was gathered from the company's website on March 9, 2012:

Wigton Windfarm Limited (WWFL) has implemented phase II of the Wigton Expansion programme. This additional capacity will bring the total Wigton Windfarm capacity to 38.7 MW. The project involves the installation of nine (9) 2 megawatt (MW) wind turbine generators from Vestas Eolica S.A.U. as well as additional plant operating facilities. Construction of the new plant was constructed by December 2010 at a cost of approximately US$ 47.5 million.
Wigton Windfarm Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the state owned, Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica. Wigton Windfarm Limited owns the existing 20.7 MW wind farm in Manchester comprising twenty three (23) 900 kW rated wind turbines. WWFL has successfully generated and delivered electricity to the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCo), under a Power Interchange Agreement.
The Wigton Windfarm project (20.7 MW) is registered by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and WWFL has been successfully trading carbon credits under an Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) with the Dutch Government since 2005. In addition to the revenues from the sale of electricity and carbon credits, national benefits are derived from the foreign exchange savings achieved due to the avoidance of oil importation for traditional power plants as well as the health and environmental benefits from operating clean, renewable energy facilities versus traditional power plants.
3.1 Technical Details of Proposal
3.1.1 Environmental Impact
The Wigton II wind farm addition does not use fossil fuels and therefore does not release any harmful emissions. A N.E.P.A. permit was obtained for the project in January 2009.
3.1.2 Land 
Wigton has obtained licences to operate on lands owned by Jamalco and Alpart.
3.1.3 Layout
In order to maximize the wind energy potential of the land to assist the government in meeting its renewable energy policy targets of 11% by 2012, and to contain project implementation costs, an expansion design of nine (9) wind turbines has been microsited on the land and installed.
3.1.4 Turbines
The Vestas V80 wind turbines were used. A comparison between the existing and new turbines is shown below.
3.2 Projected Capacity Availability and Annual Energy Supplies to the Grid
The projected annual average capacity availability (capacity factor) is 30%.
The projected annual average energy supplied to the grid is 47.3 GWh from Wigton II and 101.7 GWh from Wigton I and Wigton II combined.
3.3 Construction Details
The project was delivered on a turnkey basis by Vestas Eolica S.A.U., however, local input has been maximized at every stage including engineering and studies, transportation and construction.
3.4 Project Implementation Milestones
The wind turbines were delivered in Jamaica in April 2010 and commissioning of the plant was completed in December 2010.
3.5 Financing
The project is 100% debt financed from the PetroCaribe Development Fund.
3.6 Benefits
An 18 MW facility is projected to deliver:
47.3 GWh of electricity/ yr
27,826 barrels of oil equivalent/ yr
39,452 tones of carbon emissions avoided/ yr
US$ 2.5 M reduction in the nation’s petroleum import bill (assuming US$90/ barrel of oil)/ yr
Energy to power approximately 24,000 homes (estimated based on average household use)
Lowering of the overall fuel charge to consumers as fuel energy is substituted by renewable energy
Expand and increase the technical capacity in the field of renewable energy
Project:Wigton 1 Wind Farm
Location:Wigton in the parish of Manchester, SW from Mandeville, 115 km from Kingston
Project Size:20.7 MW
Project Owners/Developers:Wigton Wind Farm Ltd. and Renewable Energy Systems Ltd.
Utility Company:Jamaica Public Service Co
Land Ownership:The wind farm property has been leased from the bauxite/alumina companies Alcoa and Alpart.
Mean Wind Speed @ hub height:8.3 m/s
Area on which turbines are situated:4.3 km2
Turbine LocationTurbines strategically situated at approximately 100 m apart on the ridges of the property
Site elevation:750 m
New Overhead Line (to Spur Tree Substation)11.315 km
Project CompletedApril 30, 2004
Wigton Wind Farm Ltd.
Government of Jamaica