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The Transport Authority is committed to: The impartial enforcement of all laws, regulations and agreements relating to public land transportation; The close and effective monitoring of the system; Fostering public awareness of the role, duties and responsibilities of users of the 
system; Attracting and maintaining an efficient, courteous and knowledgeable workforce to improve the quality of service and output delivered.

Regulating and monitoring public transportation in the urban areas of the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR), Montego Bay Metropolitan Transport Region (MMR) and all other urban and rural routes and areas in the island of Jamaica .

  • Licensing of all public passenger vehicles and commercial carriers island-wide
  • Maintaining a transport register
  • Conducting technical surveys for granting licences and determining routes
  • Scheduling of routes and preparing timetables
  • Investigation of complaints

The Transport Authority was established in 1987 as a statutory body by the Jamaican Government for regulating and monitoring the public transportation system in the island. The portfolio of the Authority was transferred from the Ministry of Construction to the Ministry of Public Utilities and Transport at that time. The Agency now operates under the Ministry of Transport and Works. Under the Transport Act of 1987, the Transport Authority acquired the functions formerly performed by:

  1. The Licensing authority
  2. The Public Passenger Transport (Corporate Area) Board of Control, and
  3. The Public Passenger Transport (Rural Area) Board of Control

The operations of the Transport Authority are governed by:

  1. The Road Traffic Act, 1938
  2. The Transport Authority Act, 1987
  3. The Public Passenger Transport Regulations and Acts (Rural & Corporate Area)

Joseph Shoucair - Chairman
Cecil Morgan
Joel Williams
Dennis Meadows
Bindley Sangster
Saleem Lazarus
Councillor Central Region
Principal Financial Officer -  Ministry of Transport and Mining

*Appointed by Cabinet in April 2016

Transport Authority
Government of Jamaica