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The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is ISO9001:2008 Certified and Jamaica’s principal public sector agency, responsible for the fostering and coordination of scientific research and the promotion of its application. Most of the Council’s projects support the growth and development of the agro-industrial sector in Jamaica through research, adaptation of available technologies, creation of new and appropriate technologies and the provision of training and technical assistance.

Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm; Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
  1. Laboratory Analyses. The Analytical Services Unit provides analytical services to in-house projects and external clients, such as hotels, food processors, wastewater producers and private individuals. The main focus is on chemical and microbiological analyses of water/wastewater for various environmental parameters and on food for nutritional content (e.g. protein, fats, and minerals) and microbiological quality. These services help clients monitor and maintain product quality, satisfy customer needs, meet international quality standards, and reduce spoilage and production costs.

  2. Pilot Plant Operations. An objective of the pilot plant is to enable the production of value-added products, conduct product enhancements and process improvements. These activities (inclusive of analyses and feasibility studies), are conducted beyond the laboratory scale 'bearing in mind' the commercial needs of existing and potential clients. The current focus of the pilot plant operations is on extraction technologies and food processing to support the growth and development of the agricultural sector and a nutraceutical industry.

  3. Product Development. The SRC develops products based on research results and that are market-driven. Many of the products developed supports the agricultural/agro-processing sectors and supports national objectives. Contract research is the usual mode of operation. Product Development includes extraction and processing of essential oils; identification of the active ingredients in medicinal and other local plants and development of value-added products utilizing local material.

  4. Technology Transfer. The SRC operates a Scientific and Technological Information service which identifies, acquires, organizes, repackages and disseminates information in support of the Council's Research and Development Divisions, external scientists and technologists, industrialists, planners, policy-makers, decision-makers, corporate managers, media personnel, students and the nation at large.

  5. Training. Training is provided in many aspects of food processing, extraction techniques, tissue culture, and other agro-processing topics.  Most training courses are NCTVET Certified.

  6. Wastewater Management. Information/advice on design and implementation of environmentally friendly wastewater management systems; Anaerobic Technology; Bio-digesters. Services include measuring, analyzing and characterizing the types of wastewater produced at a given source and determining the methods for treating it to reduce pollution. The experts do feasibility studies and offer consultancy for waste problems

  7. Consultancy Services – The SRC has trained consultants (certified to international level) who are equipped to conduct Gap Audits, and intervention activities in the area of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Control Critical Control Points (HACCP).

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Professor the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ 

Deputy Chairman

Dr. the Hon.Henry Lowe, OJ

Ms. Eleanor Jones

Ms. Lilyclaire Bellamy

Dr. Melissa Saunderson

Dr. Natwaine Gardner

Representative, Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries

*board appointed for two (2) years effective May 9, 2016*

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