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The Airport serves a diverse range of travellers; foreign nationals (for business and leisure) as well as  non-resident and resident Jamaicans. 
With its proximity to the nation’s capital NMIA is of significant importance for business travel to and from Jamaica and for the movement of air cargo. Ease of access to all areas in the country, through a modern road and highway system, allows visitors to connect to our internationally acclaimed resort areas, as well as to idyllic locations ‘off the beaten track’.
The Airport Operator, NMIA Airports Limited, [a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ)], commenced operation of NMIA in 2003 October; based on a 30-year Concession Agreement with the AAJ, with specific performance targets.

Mr. Neil Seaton - Chairman

Mr. Mark Hart

Hon. William Shagoury

Captain Ludlow Johnson

Colonel Torrance Lewis

CEO, NMIA Airports Ltd.

Rep, Ministry of Transport and Mining

Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA)
Government of Jamaica