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The National Health Fund was established to provide financial support to the healthcare system in Jamaica, with a view of improving the healthcare effectiveness and the overall health of the Jamaican population.  This is done through three categories of benefits:

  • The NHF Individual Benefit provides subsidies and pharmaceutical benefits to individuals for the treatment of chronic illnesses.
  • Institutional Benefits provides grants to institutions for healthcare related projects.
  • Public Information - to promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors

Individual Benefits Programme

The NHF Individual Benefits programme provides pharmaceutical support for the treatment of chronic illnesses through two programmes:

  • The NHFcard which provides subsidies to beneficiaries of all ages to treat 15 chronic illnesses.
  • JADEP which provides a specific list of drugs free of cost, to beneficiaries who are 60 years and over for the treatment of 10 chronic illnesses

Institutional Benefits Programme

The Institutional Benefits function provides grants to institutions through two funds.

  • The Health Promotion and Protection Fund, which provides funding for public & private sector projects in educational and primary care activities that promote healthy life-styles, protect health and prevent illnesses in support of the national healthcare policy. 
  • The Health Support Fund, which provides funding for public sector infrastructure and development projects that support the national healthcare policy using the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Essential Public.

Public Information Programme

The Public Information function provides information and support for health related activities.  It promotes the benefits and services provided by the NHF through health fairs, community days, schools initiatives and other promotional activities.  It sponsors health screening tests in partnership with Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).

Public Information Manager
Monday to Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm; Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Christopher Zacca - Chairman
Paul Hanworth
David Lowe
Brian George
Stephen Skyes
Dr Shane Alexis
Cecile Watson
Lyndsdey Watson

*Appointed by Cabinet in April 2016

NHF Beneficiaries who are diagnosed as diabetic are also eligible for: 

  • Subsidized HBA1C tests (4 per year).
  •  A free glucometer and/or penfil applicator (every two years)
  • Subsidized cost for:
    • Test strips used to measure blood or urine sugar levels
    • Lancets
    • Syringes  or needles used to administer insulin dosages.

NHF Beneficiaries who are diagnosed as asthmatic are also eligible for subsidies on asthmatic spacers and masks.

National Health Fund (NHF)
Government of Jamaica