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The National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica Limited (EXIM Bank) was established as a limited liability company owned jointly and equally by the BOJ and GOJ in May 1986. This was in response to the Government’s stated objective of enhancing growth and development through an export-led economy.

At its inception EXIM Bank absorbed the broad functions of the Jamaica Export Credit Insurance Corporation Limited (JECIC), which beyond export insurance then included the administration of several foreign Lines of Credit. These Lines of Credit sourced worldwide, became the primary source of foreign exchange availability to the local productive sector.

After period of 15 years of successful operations, the JECIC ceased writing new business on April 30, 1986, making way for the newly formed EXIM Bank which opened its doors to the public the following day, May 1, 1986.

Given its mandate, EXIM has had to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to both the needs of existing and potential clients within prevailing economic contexts. Its primary offering is short and medium term US and Jamaican Dollar loans, as well as Trade Credit Insurance.

Our services fall in two (2) main categories:

  • US and Jamaica Dollar Financing
  • Trade Credit Insurance

Business Loans

To be eligible for financial support from EXIM Bank, you must be a registered Jamaican business entity. All exporters of non-traditional goods manufactured or produced in Jamaica are eligible. While our primary mandate is to provide financial support to the EXPORT SECTOR and its linkages, other members of the productive sector are also eligible for financing. Although not exhaustive, below is listing of sectors in which we are currently involved.

  • Manufacturing
  • Agro-Business
  • Mining
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism
  • Business Services

Companies involved in the production of traditional goods – sugar, bananas, bauxite and alumina, are not eligible for financing.

To access an EXIM Bank loan you may either visit the EXIM Bank directly or talk to your banker at one of our Approved Financial Intermediaries (AFI).

Trade Credit Insurance

EXIM’s Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) protects your receivables against non-payment by local and overseas buyers.  The policy is tailored to suit your specific needs, with insurance premiums at rates you can afford.  With TCI you can recover up to 85% of your receivables under commercial cover, and up to 90% under political cover.  All policy holders are eligible for post-shipment financing up to 80% of invoice value.  Open a TCI policy today to ensure you collect. 

(Source: EX-IM Website)
Managing Director

Lisa Bell, Managing Director

Geta Wright-Jarrett, Manager, Finance and Information Systems

Valerie Crawford, Manager, Trade Finance and Risk Management

Dennis Cunningham, Head, Human Resource and Administration

Angela Pennant, Manager, Audit

Camille Reid-Burrell, Manager, Legal and Corporate Secretarial

Mr. Gary Hendrickson - Chairman

Mr. Albert Webb
Mr. Beven Callam
Mr. Geoffrey Ziadie
Mr. Norman Reid
Ms. Lisa Bell
*Appointed April 18, 2016 for a period of three (3) years to April 17, 2019

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National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica Ltd. (EX-IM Bank)
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