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The establishment of the NCE was born out of the need to have a non-partisan, national and strategically placed organisation that would "address a wide range of issues impacting on the education process."  The aim is to ensure continuity in policy development as well as to facilitate greater community involvement in the management of educational institutions.
Advise the Minister on policy matters relating to education in Jamaica.
Nominate suitable persons for appointment to Boards of Management in public educational institutions.
Assist in the preparation of plans and programmes for developing and maintaining an effective and efficient educational system.
Monitor and evaluate the implementation of these programmes and making appropriate recommendations to the Minister.
Stimulate the development of education in Jamaica, by means of     training programmes, competitions, exhibitions or otherwise, as     the Council thinks appropriate;
Perform other functions relating to education as may be assigned by the Minister;
Design and implement training programmes for the benefit of members of Boards of Management;
Undertake research in connection with its functions and publish or otherwise disseminate the findings of such research;
Recognize exemplary service in the field of education in Jamaica, and make such awards, as it thinks fit, to persons selected by the Council in accordance with criteria approved by the Minister.
 National Council on Education
Government of Jamaica