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The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) was established in 1983 to educate the general public about the dangers of drug abuse and to prevent the indiscriminate use of drugs. In 1984 the Drug Abuse Secretariat was established to assist the Council in carrying out the necessary administrative tasks. 
The functions of the National Council through its Secretariat are as follows:
The review and monitoring of the conditions in Jamaica, and regionally, with respect to drugs which are being or which appear likely to be misused with likely harmful effects which are likely to constitute a social problem
Undertaking measures which, in the opinion of the Council, are necessary for the prevention and misuse of drugs, and for dealing with any social problems arising from the misuse of such drugs.
Considering matters referred to it concerning drug use and abuse, and advising thereon.

Role of the NCDA

When the NCDA was established in 1983, it was charged with the responsibility of educating the general public about the dangers of drug use, and of preventing the indiscriminate use of drugs. Since then however, the Council has had to review its role, and this has led to an expansion of its terms of reference to include an examination of the legal, medical and security issues surrounding drug abuse, as well as research.

 The NCDA has formulated projects to address all the various key elements and established a comprehensive national policy on drug abuse prevention policy for demand and supply reduction.

 Functions of the NCDA:

  • Review and monitor the conditions in Jamaica with respect to drugs which are being or which appear likely to be misused with consequent harmful effects and to constitute a social problem 
  • Undertake, subject to the approval of the Minister, the measures to be taken for preventing the misuse of drugs or for dealing with any social problems connected with the misuse of such drugs
  • Consider matters concerning drug use and abuse and to advise thereon.
  • The NCDA may make recommendations on measures that in its opinion ought to be taken in order to:
    • Research circomstances surrounding the abuse
    • Alleviate conditions that lead to demand for addictive drugs through the formulation and implementation of prevention programmes
    • Enable persons affected by the misuse of drugs to obtain proper advice
    • Securing the provision for proper facilities and services for the treatment, rehabilitation and after-care of such persons
    • Promote cooperation between professional and community services that in the opinion of the Council, may assist in dealing with social problems underlying the abuse of drugs
    • Educate the public (in particular minors) concerning the dangers of misusing or abusing drugs
    • Promote research into, or, otherwise obtaining information concerning, any matter which in the opinion of the Council is relevant in preventing the misuse or abuse of drugs or dealing with any connected social problem
    • Consider such matters which are incidental to the proper control of the use of drugs
    • Act, perform, and enter into any transactions necessary or incidental to the proper performance of its functions

On October 20, 2000, the Financial Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Planning advised that the Minister of Finance had designated the Drug Abuse Secretariat as an Approved Charitable Organization for the purposes of Section 13(1) (q) of the Income Tax Act. (Ref No: 310/137)

 National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA)
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