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To advise the Minister of Health in Jamaica on policy issues relevant to HIV/AIDS & STIs. To involve all sectors of the Jamaican society in efforts to prevent and control HIV/AIDS & STIs. To act as a central body where ideas, experiences and questions about HIV/AIDS & STIs in Jamaica can be shared, discussed and addressed. To provide a sustainable means of supporting the initiatives of the NAC and member organizations by eliciting funds from fundraising activities, public and private sector participation.

  1. Education: To monitor and assist with all aspects of public education on HIV/AIDS/STI.

  2. Care and Counseling:  To promote the provision of quality care for individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

  3. Legal and Ethical:  To examine and advise on the legal and ethical issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, and to attend to the legal transactions of the NAC.

  4. Fundraising:  To harness local financial resources to assist children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

Executive Director
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
National AIDS Committee Jamaica
Government of Jamaica